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March 23, 2020 7:04:02 PM EDT


Download PROACT 2.0 Notes

1.ROI Calculator, Cost Tracking, Analysis at a Glance section – View the status of data collection tasks, outstanding hypothesis verification needs, and recommendation status (in progress, completed, etc.) Track costs associated with performing the RCA versus the benefit realized as a result of your corrective actions to calculate your ROI. Track labor costs and other expenses to measure ROI. Costs may be entered in Preserve records, Verifications and Recommendations.

2.Task Reminder Emails are live and will go to team members upon assignment of task, the day before it’s due and then daily when it becomes overdue (max 5 emails). The analysis owner is copied on overdue alerts. System-wide automatic emails may be enabled or disabled by an Administrator by selecting Settings from the Admin menu.

3.Equipment Import functionality – Upload Equipment directly into your account from an Excel file formatted as shown below. Located in Administrative tools under Equipment.

4.Download file attachments from an analysis to append to your report. Select which files to download from home screen.

5.Activity History Log – Administrators may now view edit history on all analyses. History is available in the Admin menu.

Additional Releases:

1.It is now easier to start a 5-Why or Fishbone Analysis as these options have been added to ‘Quick Analysis.’ The user may simply select either option from a Template dropdown menu under Quick Analysis.

2.The ‘Find in Tree’ feature for searching the logic tree has been improved and enhanced so it now takes less clicks to find what you are looking for. TRY IT OUT!

3.Users now have the option to lock the logic tree in a fully expanded mode by using the ‘Present-It’ button. The logic tree remains in a fully expanded state until Present-It is clicked once again and deactivated.

4.The logic tree text font has been increased and darkened so it is now easier to see and read the text in the logic tree. This is especially helpful when doing presentations.

Robert (Bob) J. Latino is CEO of Reliability Center, Inc. Bob has been a practitioner, trainer, author and international speaker on the topics of Reliability and Root Cause Analysis for over 30 years. He can be contacted at +1 804 458-0645 or Connect with Bob on LinkedIn at–bob–latino–3411097. Visit our website at to learn more

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